We provide CCTV services to a wide range of clients from Offices, Schools, Retail Shops and Shopping Malls to full Town centre schemes designed installed and commissioned.

Surveillance has become increasingly important. 64% of businesses have suffered from some sort of crime last year and on average crime cost businesses £8000 each year. In addition to traditional crime, surveillance is vital for business in cases for false trips and falls as well as discrimination claims and many other claims can be swiftly and comprehensively solved with the use of CCTV. System DesignA full system can be specified to provide coverage of specific areas, items or to enable general area surveillance. The systems have many new features and you are able to view your footage on;Local computer network; Mobile Phone or Home PC.

Cameras can be either fixed models in which they are commissioned on one view and this does not change, these are high resolution colour to provide excellent resolution during good lighting conditions, where the light level is lower monochrome cameras are required and where no light level is present IR lighting are added to the monochrome cameras. We also offer fully functional cameras which have the ability to move in all directions to provide the facility to survey areas manually both on and off site and automaticity via programmed tours or sequences.Whatever your requirement - let us help with a free survey and no obligation quotation.