Alarm Bells Ringing

Commercial intruder alarms are usually a bit more complex than their domestic equivalents. Insurers of commercial properties require that the alarm is:

  • Designed and installed by an accredited company, using components which comply with relevant regulations and standards.
  • Properly monitored and maintained, with a certificate of compliance.

It is cost effective to integrate any commercial intruder alarm system with other systems required by your insurer. Either fire detection / suppression systems (sprinklers) or a CCTV system. By including several systems together, you can save money, on installation, maintenance and running costs.A properly monitored alarm doesn't mean paying for a security guard to sit with the property at night. There are now a range of standardised technologies for connecting an alarm system to a remote monitoring centre.

This allows you to essentially contract out the monitoring of your alarm system, ensuring that activated alarms are dealt with, and with audio/visual monitoring feed available you can have the police summoned with a clear idea of exactly what is going on.

So relax, if the alarm bells are ringing you have the peace of mind that it’s being dealt with.