We will manage your business services and meet all your statutory, non-statutory and specialist maintenance compliance obligations for your building and office related electrical and safety systems. We have decades of experience in compliance and our technicians are up-to-date with all legislation.

This will allow you and your business freedom from additional pressure in today’s challenging economy to cut facilities and operating costs.  A large number of organisations have genuine concerns having to work within reduced budget targets whilst keeping facilities legal and operational. We can help you avoid all those annoyances and worries by using our cost-effective compliance service.

Keeping on top of legislative compliance issues alone (including keeping proper records) is a minefield, but we are experts and can navigate all this for you. Building compliance is a very important element in any facilities maintenance contract and every employer is legally responsible.

We are a company specifically formed to work closely with our clients to provide compliance in the following areas:

Our in-house fully trained teams provide complete peace of mind:

  • Electrical testing and inspection
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)
  • Water hygiene compliance
  • Gas installations certification/testing and inspection
  • Refrigerated gas – F Gas

If you want to concentrate on your business, then call us and we will focus on your compliance.

Tel: 0141 647 6398