Where’s the fire?

Fire alarms - they are all the same - right? Well no - not really. Thanks to our unique understanding of not only the risks of fire, but also how fire can spread, we are in a unique position to be able to offer you total peace of mind, as well as an exceptionally professional service. It doesn’t matter what size of area you want to secure, we will always provide knowledge and expertise when it comes to fire alarm installation and maintenance.

Fire Alarm Installation

To get the best from any product, it is vital to have an excellent understanding of the solution it is designed to provide. The technicians we have, are not only specialists in the technical application of installation, but are also able to draw on their combined decades of experience, to make sure that everything is optimally positioned. That means the earliest possible warning to both those inside the building and the emergency services, which quite literally could be the difference between life and death.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

We don’t just install high quality fire alarms, we offer around the clock maintenance, to ensure that they are always running at optimum levels for continuous total safety. You can choose the level of cover which best suits your needs, but whichever option you take - you will always have access to our expertise 24/7.

Take the heat out of the situation - let’s have a relaxed chat about fire.