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LED There Be Light

The lighting industry is continuously improving and developing new products geared toward reducing energy use while meeting the illumination requirements of any given space.

With the recent rapid development of LED’s perhaps your lighting is in urgent need of a makeover.

And what makes this an even more attractive proposition is - if you are using old lighting technology - you really are paying a high cost for it!

To understand the kind of savings new technologies yield, consider that a 65-watt incandescent bulb produces roughly the same amount of light as a 15-watt CFL or an 11-watt LED, assuming that each is using the same fixture.

So in simplistic terms for example 

• The 65 watt incandescent costs 65p a day to run.

• The 15 watt CFL costs 15p a day to run.

• The 11 watt LED costs 11p a day to run

* (All depending on energy costs)

Newer technologies do more than slash energy consumption and utility budgets. Modern lighting systems also can reduce maintenance costs by delivering longer lamp life and easier replacement methods.

Boom! It’s a no-brainier. But wait there’s more…

With all the dust, dirt and light depreciation in older buildings, new energy efficient lighting also can improve the appearance. It makes a space look the way it is supposed to look. You get clean new lamps with an upgrade, and all of a sudden it looks new again.

Many facility managers look at lighting upgrades as just changing lamps or upgrading the ballast from magnetic to electronic. But there are other considerations. When selecting from the wide array of new technologies, factors to consider across a number of products include:

• Efficiency improvements (lumens per watt)

• Efficiency standards

• Environmentally conscious products

• Long-life products

For example, if a facility manager is considering an LED product based on the fact that it delivers high efficiency and long life, it is also important to consider the kind of fixture it requires for successful operation. 

It's bad for the environment if you have to throw away all of the lamps in a building every time it fails.

It's only a matter of time before the replaceable light engine feature of some LED fixtures becomes a requirement rather than a nice option. 

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