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The Cost of Not Having CCTV

Do you think you might need a CCTV system for your business? It can seem like an unnecessary extra cost, but it can give you extra protection for your business. And in the long term it can be well worth the capital outlay.

There are benefits to opting for that extra cost. Here are three to consider.

1. Proof of Issues and Events

If you regularly have problems happening around your business, CCTV can provide extra proof. It is difficult for police to capture criminals without descriptions unless they happen to get caught causing disturbances and breaking the law somewhere else. With camera footage, you can offer a view of the person/people involved.

Police can often use CCTV from others to protect businesses. They will gather footage to monitor the activity of known individuals or problem areas.

2. Discourage Crimes and Criminal Behaviour

If you know that you’re being recorded you are less likely to commit a crime. While you may not have had any intention, there’s that knowledge that there is more chance you would be caught if you did. This goes on in the minds of criminals.

Rather than assaulting you or breaking into your business, the criminal will move on. It keeps you safe, and means your insurance costs are not increased because of claims and valuables are also kept safe.

3. Keep Your Costs Down

Briefly mentioned above, insurance costs can be lowered with cameras on your business premises. You’re adding the extra protection, so reducing the risk to yourself and your business property or home. Insurance companies know they are less likely to pay out, so will reduce your premiums.

In conclusion, adding CCTV to your property is definitely worthwhile. Yes, there is an initial cost, but think of the peace of mind and extra protection you get. If something does happen, assailants are more likely to get caught and you save money on insurance costs, as you’re keeping your business property, or home, as protected as possible. 

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