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The es group

A Group of companies whose synergies means our customers benefit from exceptional service.

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Innovative, dynamic and growing electrical contractor committed to continuous improvement.

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Management of services and processes that support the core business of your organisation.

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Taking the responsibility to ensure that your building services are compliant with legislation.

Our projects are normally a collaborative activity and only by pooling the knowledge and experience of many people can buildings meet today’s let alone tomorrow’s needs. However, simply bringing people together, does not necessarily ensure they will function effectively as a team. Effective teamwork does not occur automatically and that’s why we have a framework to make sure you get the benefit of collaborative working - at no extra cost.

In order to work effectively, a team needs to have a clear vision of what it wants to achieve. This must be one that motivates and inspires team members giving them a future they feel is worth striving for. If a team is set an unattainable goal, it can have a de-motivating effect.

Teams are more motivated to deliver a vision that they themselves have had input in developing. When team members know that they have made a real contribution to the overall vision, they will work harder and smarter to achieve it. Shared aims help to create a sense of common purpose and ownership and promote team identity.


Team members

Chris Bryant
Group Managing Director

Daniel Langan
Managing Director

Graeme Stuart
Operations/Health and Safety Manager

Margaret Goodwin
Office Manager

Sean Gallacher
Senior Estimator/Quantity Surveying

Connor Goodbrand
Trainee Estimation/Quantity Surveying

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